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Bachata Studio Sessions Vol 2

Bachata Studio Sessions Vol 2

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Loops and Samples WAV- REX- APPLE LOOPS
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Bachata Studio Sessions Vol 2

The industries top Percussion session players
By popular demand and after many producers and songwriters requests Bachata Studio Sessions was created.  
This Producer Pack collection was Inspired by the most influential artists in the Bachata Genre including: Romeo Santos, Prince Royce, Anthony Santos, Zacharias Ferreira and Leslie Grace to name a few.
This producer packs contains the tightest rhythm sections with very detailed and precise fills and straight rhythms to bring a authentic real live feel to your electronic or acoustic Bachata productions, arrangements and Remixes.
All these loops were produced by Brenes Technologies, the award winning team at Kopelli Labs employing some of the most sought after Bachata Bongo and Guira players in the Latin music industry, traveling to different studio locations in Miami, New York City, Atlanta and Republica Dominicana.
Product Details

Resolution: 24 bit.
MAC, Windows, any sequencer software or hardware sampler that accepts 24 bit WAV.Size of Product:
VOL 2  1.39 GB
Formats For Loops:  WAV, REX2, APPLE LOOPS (aiff).
Formats for samples: WAV
Recording Process: Bachata Studio Sessions was Recorded and edited in Pro-Tools and Steinberg Nuendo using Preamps by Universal Audio LA-610 MkII.
Microphones Used In Sessions: Shure SM 57, SM7b, SM81, Senheiser MD 421.

Product Content
The loops and samples are divided in to the following categories:

  • Bongo Guira Sample Hits (One shot samples of each kits instruments to create fills grooves)
  • Full Percussion Ensemble (for quick building of grooves): Bongo and Guira ensemble instrument section that includes loop variations such as verse, chorus, fills, mambo, breaks etc.
  • Single Instrument Stems (for Flexibility for those producers who love to mix single stems) Bongo and Guira single track instrument section that includes loop variations such as verse, chorus, fills, mambo, breaks etc.

Bachata Studio Sessions VOL 2
Detailed content:
1.39 GB
Manhattan Session 133 BPM
34 Samples    MS – Bongo Guira Sample hits
68   Loops      MS – Full Ensemble 2 Bar Loops
130 Loops      MS – Single Instrument 2 Bar Loops
Miami Session 146 BPM
35   Samples   MIS – Bongo Guira Sample hits
72   Loops       MIS – Full Ensemble 2 Bar Loops
144 Loops      MIS – Single Instrument 2 Bar Loops
Republica Sessions 128 BPM
35 Samples    RS – Bongo Guira Sample hits
28 Loops        RS – Full Ensemble 4 Bar Loops
56 Loops        RS – Single Instrument 4 Bar Loops

Audio Samples – Ejemplos en Audio


This Remix was creted in CUBASE 8.5 MAC using: Loops de BachataStudioSessions VOL1 & 2 fior the rythm section. For Bass, Piano, Strings, plucks & synths Latin Urban VSTi was used.  All guitars were played using Bachata Guitar VSTi
Este Remix se creó en CUBASE 8.5 MAC usando: Loops de Bachata Studio Sessions VOL1 & 2 para la sección rítmica. Para Bajo, Piano, Cuerdas, plucks y sintetizadores Latin Urban VSTi fue utilizado. Todas las guitarras se tocaron con Bachata Guitar VSTi
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