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Banda Elements Vol 1 (Polka, Corrido, Zapateado)

Banda Elements Vol 1 (Polka, Corrido, Zapateado)

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Loops, Samples and Sampler instruments and Patches
24 bit
WAV- REX- APPLE LOOPS- NNXT- Kontak - EXS24- HAlion- SoundFont, Ableton Simpler, Sampletank
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Banda Elements Vol 1 Tambora Sinaloense Drum Loops and Samples

Banda Elements Volume 1 consists in Live Percussion loops recorded by top Banda studio and live Musicians in the latin recording industry.  These products were recorded in the highest quality available to man using Steinberg Nuendo, Class A Universal Audio  and Avalon Tube pre amps also employing top microphones such as U87, Sm57, S421, AKG C12, AKG C414, Sm81 and Blue Blueberry and Dragon Fly.

Mixed and mastered at Producers Vault

Loop content:
24 bit: WAV, Apple Loop & Rex2 Loops Format
140 BPM running at 4/4 Time Signature and 2 measures each loop
Full Ensemble includes: Tambora Platillos, Timbales, Tarolas and or Congas and Percussion.

Styles & Genres:
  • Polka Corrido Full Ensemble: 39 Loop Variations
  • Polka Corrido Single Instruments 110 Loops
  • Polka Tuba & Charcheta (Sousafon and Eb Alto Horn) 31 Pattern Loops in several Keys
  • Tamborazo Zapateado Son Sinaloense Full Ensemble: 41 Loop Variations
  • Zapateado Single instrument 19 Loops
  • Zapateado Tropical 22 loop variations
  • Zapateado Tuba (sousafon) 13 loop Patterns
Sampler Virtual Instrument and Samples
A carefully crafted Banda Sinaloense Drum and Percussion kit GM friendly that includes tarolas and tamboras by Hersch and Yamaha , percussions cymbals by LP, Sabian and MEinl. Tambora Platillos, Timbales, Tarolas, Congas and Percussion.

Sampler Instrument Formats: Kontakt 5, Ableton Simpler, Logic EXS 24, HAlion, Motu Match 5, Reason NNXT, SampleTank and Soundfont
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