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Cumbia Villera (Loops y Samples) Cumbia Beats Vol 3

Cumbia Villera (Loops y Samples) Cumbia Beats Vol 3

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Percussion Loops Samples and Instruments: WAV- REX2 - APPLE LOOPS - Reason NNXT - Kontak - EXS24 - HAlion - Motu Match 5 - SoundFont.

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Cumbia Beats Vol 3 - Cumbia Villera

Percussion Loops and Samples
This style of Cumbia that originated in Argentina has catapulted into the mainstream through artists such as Pibes Chorros, Yerba Brava, Damas Gratis, Nestor Enbloque, Los Super MerK2, etc.

The perfect tool for composers, songwriters, producers, DJs or remixers looking to create or remix Cumbia Villera type productions or backing tracks for live performers.  Weather you are composing a full song with or making a fusion of styles you will find our full line of Cumbia Beats really flexible for your productions.

The Loops
This loops were played by live musicians and recorded in the highest quality include full ensemble already pre-mixed to perfection and also in single instrument stems for more flexibility in the mixing process.  Recorded and processed with Neve equalizers and preamps and Universal audio at Clear Lake Audio in Los Angeles California and at our state of the art Producers Vault Studios in Las Vegas Nevada USA.

We have also included Urban Style loops sampled from different sources or created in our sound design facilities with a Vintage Old School feel  excellent for Urban Styles of  Cumbia Rap Styles and Remixes.

The Samples and Instruments
This Library, includes: One shots of all the Cumbia villera Percussions Conga, Timbales, Timbale Rolls, kicks Woodblocks, LP JamBlocks, Guira Villera, Torpedo Shakers Floor toms, as well as sampled instruments already formated for your favorite Sampler.
This producer Pack contains:

Full ensemble loops
Cumbia Villera Classica 90 BPM
Monterrey Cumbia Villera 100 BPM
Villera Urbana

Single Instrument Loops
Cumbia Villera Classica 90 BPM
Monterrey Cumbia Villera 100 BPM
Guira Bombo, Timbales, Congas, Drums and More.

Percusion VIllera Samples
Redobles de timbal, Shaker, Guiras, Bombo, Conga Villera, Conga Urbana Villera, Cencerro Alto y Bajo Villero, Bongo Hembra y Macho afinado. Claps, Timbaletas Flams and more.

Exs 24
Motu Mach 5
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