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Freestyle: Hi NRG Latin Hip Hop Loops & Samples

Freestyle: Hi NRG Latin Hip Hop Loops & Samples

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Freestyle: Latin Hiphop Hi NRG

For the first time ever available to the public FREESTYLE sample and loops product inspired by acts such as Stevie B, Corina, Marc Anthony, Brandon, Corell, Timmy T, George Lamond, TKA, Noel, Company B, Exposé, The Cover Girls, Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam, Information Society, Sa-Fire, Sweet Sensation, Trilogy, Shannon, Nancy Martinez, Johnny O, Coro, Lisette Melendez, Judy Torres, Rockell, and many others.

Kopelli Labs in association with Producers Vault brings you Freestyle: Latin Hip-Hop -Hi NRG with styles produced entirely by NU Freestyle producer DJ Sopot who emulated Styles from: New York City, Miami, San Jose, Los Angeles, Philly and Chicago.

This producer pack contains 76 handcrafted 2 Bar loops in the most relevant freestyle beats, absolutely no filler material, also included one shot samples of Freestyle Drum kit, FX, an array of orchestra hits.

ONE Shot Samples: 24 BIT
Agogo Bell.wav
clave snap.wav
conga perc fs.wav
Crash Cymbal n kick.wav
Edit Roll.wav
Hi hat 808 FS.wav
hihat bell planet rock.wav
Kick freestyle 01.wav
kick freestyle 02.wav
kick fs 03.wav
kick fs 04.wav
kick fs 05.wav
kick information S.wav
Kick MicMac.wav
kick planet rock 1.wav
Metal Hit Perc Information S.wav
Perc bongo FS.wav
side stick fs 01.wav
Snare 808 Elect Kingdom.wav
snare freestyle 01.wav
snare fs 02.wav
snare fs 03.wav
snare fs 04.wav
snare fs 05.wav
Snare Hi-NRG.wav
Snare Huge E Kingdom.wav
Snare information S 2.wav
Snare information S Reverb.wav
Snare information S.wav
Snare MicMac 1.wav
snare planet rock 2.wav
snare planet rock.wav
Tom 2 808 FS.wav
Tom 808 fs.wav

01 Stab Freestyle NY.wav
01_Orchestra hit.wav
02_Orchestra hit.wav
03_Orchestra hit.wav
04_Orchestra hit.wav
05_Orchestra hit.wav
06_Orchestra hit.wav
07_Orchestra hit.wav
08_Orchestra hit.wav
09_Orchestra hit.wav
10_Orchestra hit.wav
11_Orchestra hit.wav
12_Orchestra hit.wav
13_Orchestra hit.wav
14_Orchestra hit.wav
15_Orchestra hit.wav
16_Orchestra hit.wav
17_Orchestra hit.wav
18_Orchestra hit.wav
19_Orchestra hit.wav
20_Orchestra hit.wav
22_Orchestra hit.wav
23_Orchestra hit.wav
24_Orchestra hit.wav
25_Orchestra hit.wav
Art Of Noise Orch hit.wav
Information S Stab.wav
Planet Stab
Stevie B Stab Hit.wav
Tolga Katas Hit.wav

Dont Stop
Freestyle Thunder.wav
Pure Engergy.wav
Tape Stop Edit Super Edit.wav
Tape Stop Edit.wav


Loops 24 BIT
76 Wav Loops 
76 Apple Loops
76 Rex2 Loops  
76 Mp3 Loops 

Bay Area Beat 1.wav
Bay Area Beat 2.wav
Bronx Love 1.wav
Bronx Love 2.wav
Bronx Love 3.wav
Bronx Love 4.wav
Bronx Love 5.wav
Debbie Me la debe 2.wav
Debbie Me la debe 3.wav
Debbie Me la debe.wav
Debby Me debe.wav
Dont stop beat 1.wav
Dont stop beat 2.wav
Dont stop beat 3.wav
Dont stop beat 4.wav
En mis Ojos 1.wav
En mis Ojos 2.wav
En mis Ojos 3.wav
Euro 1.wav
Euro 2.wav
Euro 3.wav
Funky Style 1.wav
Funky Style 2.wav
Funky Style 3.wav
Hi NRG 1.wav
Hi NRG 2.wav
Hi NRG 3.wav
Hi NRG 4.wav
Hi NRG 5.wav
Hi NRG 6.wav
Hi NRG 7.wav
Hi NRG 8.wav
Maduna 1.wav
Maduna 2.wav
Maduna 3.wav
Mega Classic 1.wav
Mega Classic 2.wav
Mega Classic 3.wav
Mega Classic 4.wav
Mega Classic 5.wav
Mega Classic 6.wav
Mega Classic 7.wav
Mega Classic 8.wav
Mega Classic 9.wav
NY Miami Beat 1.wav
NY Miami Beat 2.wav
NY Miami Beat 3.wav
NY Miami Beat 4.wav
NY Miami Beat 5.wav
NY Prime 1.wav
NY Prime 2.wav
NY Prime 3.wav
NY Prime 4.wav
Pare 1.wav
Pare 2.wav
Philly 1.wav
Queens 1.wav
Queens 2.wav
Queens 3.wav
Queens 4.wav
Queens 5.wav
sensation 1.wav
sensation 2.wav
sensation 3.wav
Spot ka 1.wav
Spot ka 2.wav
Spot ka 3.wav
Studio 54 1.wav
Studio 54 2.wav
Studio 54 3.wav
Studio 54 4.wav
Studio 54 5.wav
Studio 54 6.wav
The roof the roof 1.wav
The roof the roof 2.wav
The roof the roof 3

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