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Kopelli Labs

Kizomba Vol 2

Kizomba Vol 2

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Loops and Construction Kits
24 Bit Synth Bass, Strings, Percussion Loops Samples and Instruments

Available as instant download only
Disponible únicamente como descarga instantanéa

Kizomba Vol 2  Construction kits with Loops and Stems

Instant Inspiration for Composer, Songwriters, Singers, Producers 9 Royalty Free Construction Kits to get you started on a great production.
Kopelly Labs brings you KIZOMBA loops and Construction Kits, Available only at Producers Vault.
Format  WAV 24 bit Resolution
The loops and Samples were recorded in Steinberg Nuendo for maximum audio quality.
Procesesed throught a NEVE 1081 Desk for crispness and body
Sub Bass Bussed through an OTARI MTR-15 Classic Tape Machine to give it that dance floor shaking analog Fatness.

The Loops and Construction Kits
Available in three formats: Rex2, Apple Loops and WAV.
Contain song construcion with 2 to 4 bar Stems of Percussion, Guitar, Bass, Synh Strings and Plucks
with the Catchiest Kizomba Melodies ever assembled.

Construction Kits (4 Bar Loops 4/4)
16 Loops Angola Gitana 87 BPM Construction Kit
09 Loops Compton Curacao 80 BPM Construction Kits
15 Loops Island Love 86 BPM
09 Loops Kayla Beat  80 BPM
09 Loops Zouk Love Fest 85 BPM

Extra Large Construction Kits (2 and 4 Bar Loops)
134 Loops DANCA TASTY  Beat 85 BPM
035 Loops La Danse De Nuit 85 BPM
035 Loops Toda a Noite Beat 80 BPM
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