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Latin Urban VSTi 3.5.6 MAC OS

Latin Urban VSTi 3.5.6 MAC OS

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Latin Urban VSTi 3.5.6 for MAC OS Audio Units and VST

Latin Urban Workstation
Virtual Instrument Plugin Module
for AU (Audio Units) & VST for MAC

The Most sought after sounds, Synths, Real Instruments, Orchestra Hits, Strings, and Drumkits ever assembled together for Urban Latin music availble now with this easy to use plugin workstation.

Instant inspiration for the production and arrangement of Reggaeton old school and Modern, Freestyle, Latin EDM and Hip Hop, Mambo Urbano, Merengue de la Calle, Salsa Urbana, Salsa Choke, Bachata, Cumbia, Kizomba, Tribal or any Fusion with Latin Music Flavour.

These are the sounds that make Latin Urban Music number one hits as heard on artists such as J Balvin, Wisin Yandel, Omega, Aventura, Prince Royce, Maluma, Gente de Zona, Enrique Iglesias, Pitbull and Many more

  • Size : 3.43 GB
  • Collection : Synths, Pads, Keyboards, Metales Brass, Pianos ,Guitars, Plucks Drumkits and Percussion
  • Content : 103 Multi velocity layered meticulously crafted instruments and 5 GM friendly Mapped Drum kits.
  • Self contained VST or AU with no need for KONTAKT.

This Plugin will quickly become the Latin Urban producers's best kept secret.
with absolutely No Filler garbage sounds , just carefully selected and crafted super high quality instruments and Patches:


  • AC Accordeon del Norte
  • AC Acordeon de Cumbia
  • AC Kalimba Real
  • AC Marimba Caribbean
  • AC Quena Del Peru
  • AC SteelDrum Real
  • AC Steelpan Caribbean

  • B 80s Funk Synth Bass
  • B Bajo Mambero
  • B Fender Tropical Bass
  • B Freestyle Bass
  • B Iggy Moog Bass
  • B Omega Bass Solido
  • B Square Synth Bass
  • B SubBass Fuerte
  • B SubBass Punch
  • B Super Low Sub bass
  • B Ultra Synth Bass
  • B Wobble Synth Bass
  • BL Bell Valvin
  • BL Campanitas Miami
  • BL Colombian Bells
  • BL Hip Hop Bells
  • BL Hollywood Bell
  • BL Kizomba Bell

  • D Epic Movie Drums
  • D Epic Movie Percussion
  • D Sub KICK Sandunguero
  • DM Caribbean Drum Kit
  • DM Freestyle Drum Kit
  • DM Hip Hop Urban Kit
  • DM Kicks Snares & Percs
  • DM Reggaeton Dembow Kit
  • DM Trap Pop Drum Kit

  • Guitarra Acustica
  • Guitarra Bachatera Chorus
  • Guitarra Bachatera
  • Guitarra Tres Cubano
  • Guitarra Urbana Tele

  • MT 80s Synth Brass
  • MT Arma Synth Brass
  • MT Metales Analogicos
  • MT Metales Borrachos
  • MT Metales Miami
  • MT Metales Swell
  • MT Sax del M1
  • MT Sax Latino
  • MT Sax Mambero
  • MT Sax Section
  • MT Saxos Falls
  • MT Synth JPX Brass
  • MT SynthFlow Brass
  • MT Trombon Latino
  • MT Trompeta Latina

  • Pad Ballad Keys
  • Pad FL Sweep
  • Pad Kizomba Bell
  • Pad Loving
  • Pad Respirar
  • Pad Saturno
  • Pad Colombiano
  • Piano 4 Reggae CZ101
  • Piano Drake R&B
  • Piano Fender Rhodes
  • Piano Freestyle Stevie B
  • Piano Ivy Q Harpsichord
  • Piano M1
  • Piano Mambero
  • Piano Romantic Ballad
  • Piano Urbano Romantico
  • Pluck Alpha Mambo
  • Pluck Alpha Reggaeton
  • Pluck EDM FAMOSO
  • Pluck Omega Yandel
  • Pluck Pizzicatto
  • Pluck Pop Corn
  • Pluck Rasta Reggae
  • Pluck short synth
  • Pluck Urbano OBX 8
  • Plucked Don Dale
  • Plucked FL Studio
  • ST Frestyle Orchestra Hits
  • String Analog Pad
  • String Brass Orchestra
  • String Orquesta de la calle
  • String Pizzicato
  • String Urban Orchestra
  • Strings Orch Marcato
  • Organ for Reggae
  • Latin Urban VSTi
  • Synth Analog Brass
  • Synth Black Eye Pea
  • Synth Brass Swell
  • Synth D50 Hook
  • Synth DJ Bennassy
  • Synth EDM Saw
  • Synth Ke$ha Torta
  • Synth LD Moderno
  • Synth Majestic 01
  • Synth Majestic Short
  • Synth Nintendo
  • Synth OBX Funk
  • Synth Poker Gaga
  • Synth Square OSC
  • Synth Stabb Lead OB
  • Synth Stabb OB
  • Synth Super EDM
  • Synth Tribal 3ball


About these Demos
These demo songs were sequensed & programmed entirely on Cubase 8.5 using only LATIN URBAN VSTi for the sounds.  There was no Drum Loops used all drum patterns were programmed note by note, to demostrate the capacity of this plugin.

Acerca de estas demostraciones
Estas canciones de demostración fueron secuenciadas y programadas enteramente en Cubase 8.5 utilizando sólo LATIN URBAN VSTi para los sonidos. No usamos ningúnos Loops de percusion, todos los patrones de batería fueron programados nota por nota, para demostrar la capacidad de este plugin.

System Requirements

  • OS X 10.6 And Above
  • 3.18 GB Disk Space
  • 1.5 GB RAM

Compatible DAW Hosts for MAC VST
Cubase, Nuendo, Studio ONE, Ableton Live, Digital Performer, Maschine, MPC REN, Reaper. Pro Tools

Compatible DAW Hosts for MAC Audio Units AU
Apple LOGIC Pro, Logic Pro X, Apple Garage Band, Studio ONE, Ableton Live.

Compatibility with Pro Tools
Nuestros Plugins no funcionan en Pro-Tools a menos que usted tenga o  compre un programa o host de AAX. RTAS compatible como: Megaplugin de ADMF el cual recomendamos Altamente.
Tambien VIenna VEP5, Native Instruments Maschine y Chainer.
Para aprender mas oprima aqui.

Our Plugins will NOT work on Pro-Tools Unless you own or buy a AAX. RTAS compatible host application like:  METAPLUGIN from ADMF which we highly recomend.

VIenna VEP5, Native Instruments Maschine and Chainer.  To Learn More click here
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