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Neo Reggaeton VSTi 1.1 Plugin for WINDOWS

Neo Reggaeton VSTi 1.1 Plugin for WINDOWS

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NEO REGGAETON VSTi, a powerful virtual instrument with sought-after drum and percussion sounds, synths, and more.

  • VST2 and VST3 plugin
  • Windows 64 Bit
  • Instant download only
  • Disponible únicamente como descarga instantánea

Neo reggaeton VSTi virtual instrument Plugin

Introducing NEO REGGAETON VSTi: A Cutting-Edge Virtual Instrument Plugin for VST on Windows.

Welcome to the world of Neo Reggaeton VSTi, the first of its kind VST and Audio Units Plugin dedicated to delivering the distinctive essence of both Modern and Oldschool Reggaeton. Crafted collaboratively by the innovative minds of Producers Vault and Kopelli Labs, this plugin stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence.

• Size: 3.30 GB
• User-friendly interface with Delay, Chorus, Distortion, Reverb, Pan, & filter controls.
• A rich collection of Lo-Fi sounds, Synth Pads, Leads, Plucks, Pianos, Guitars, Sub Bass, SFX, Drumkits, and Percussion.
• Contains over 200 meticulously crafted patches with instruments and GM Friendly Mapped Drum kits.
• A self-contained VST or AU plugin, eliminating the need for KONTAKT.

The Neo Reggaeton VSTi is a dream come true for Music Producers and beat makers alike, offering an unrivaled selection of sought-after sounds and samples in one comprehensive package. With a simple and intuitive user interface, these powerful tools are now at your fingertips, ready to inspire and elevate your Latin Urban music productions.

Our dedication to delivering excellence in sound quality led us to conduct a meticulous recording and creation process. Utilizing state-of-the-art recording and editing facilities, we employed NEVE 1073 Pre-amps and EQs for most presets, ensuring a stunning and sparkling studio sound. Furthermore, we harnessed the power of SSL EQ and Pre-amps for all Drum and Sub-Bass sounds, providing maximum punch and character to your compositions.

Embrace the future of Reggaeton music production with Neo Reggaeton VSTi, your go-to plugin for creating captivating Latin Urban beats and tracks.


Compatibility with Windows
(Read before you purchase- leer antes de realizar compra)
System Requirements

  • Windows  7, 8, 10, 11 in 64 bit
  • 4 GB Disk Space
  • 2 GB Ram

For full Compatibility chart click here

Compatible DAW Hosts for Windows PC
FL Studio, Acid, Nuendo, Cubase 6 and up, Studio One, Ableton, Sonar, Maschine, MPC Ren. Reaper, Magix Music Maker, BlueCat Patchwork, Protools*
Compatibility with Pro Tools
Nuestros Plugins no funcionan en Pro-Tools a menos que usted tenga o  compre un programa o host de AAX. RTAS compatible como: Patchwork de la Compañia Blue Cat Audio el cual recomendamos altamente como tambien Megaplugin de la compañia DDMF.
Para aprender mas oprima aqui.
Our Plugins will NOT work on Pro-Tools Unless you own or buy a AAX. RTAS compatible host application like: BLUECATS PATCHWORK which we highly recomend or  METAPLUGIN from DDMF .


217 Presets

Preset Types
10 Bells
06 Brass
14 Drum Kits & Percussion
07 Drum Loops Multi Kits
09 Guitarras
10 Leads
14 Mallet
14 Pads
22 Piano
39 Plucked
10 Reverse Instruments
11 SFX Special Effects
13 Strings
25 Sub Bass
12 Synth


00 Neo Reggaeton  (super pluck)
Bell Campana Errante
Bell de Wet Dreams
Bell Grammy Winner
Bell Lira Glock Enspiel
Bell Mara Lardo Super Sustain
Bell Mara Lardo
Bell Sonar Submarine Perron
Bell Sonar Submarine
Bells ala LoFi in to the Darkness
Bells Vintage Vibes Tron

Accordion Tropical Germano
Brass Latino A Cresscendo
Brass Latino A Falls
Brass Latino A Sustain
Brass No Orthodoxo Cachai
Brass Royal del Principe

Drum Kits & Percussion
All Kicks Bombos de Reggaeton
All Percussion de Reggaeton
DK Filtrao Machucao Bajo Agua
DK GM Hybrid Drums General Midi (GM)
DK Neo Advanced #1 DRUMKIT
DK NEO Advanced #2 FAT Drumkit
DK OldSchool DeLa Mata Drumkit
DK Tropical Urbano Drumkit
Drum Fills - Redobles Antique
Snares - Basic Cajas Standard
Snares - Classic Oldschool Dembow
Snares - Fat Dembo Gordous
Snares - Latin Trap Styles
Snares - NEO - New School

Drum Loops  (set tempos non locking)
85 BPM Loops Standard Dembow
90 BPM Loops Standard Dembow
95 BPM Loops Standard Dembow
100 BPM Loops Standard Dembow
110 BPM Loops Fast Dembow
117 BPM Loops Fast Dembow
130 BPM Loops Fast Dembow

Guitarra 9PM 11Pm
Guitarra Afro Kizomba
Guitarra Bien Bella K
Guitarra Del Barrio Fino
Guitarra Maluma Baby
Guitarra Sech Balvin
Guitarra Soca Bachata
Guitarra Urbana Caribe Obscuro
Ukulele Guitar Alto

Lead Cachaciento PisCola
Lead Cumbia Pechocha
Lead De Camilo 1
Lead Expensive Synthesizer
Lead Organ Cheeze Balls Synth
Lead Organo Villero
Lead Pochocha Cargao
Lead Pochocha EDM
Lead Saw Luny Tune
Lead Sega Nintendo

Mallet - Bell Strings
Mallet - Brazilian Synth
Mallet - Dark Synth Bull
Mallet - Kalimba Bass Acustica
Mallet - Kalimba Hybrida
Mallet - Robo Marimba
Mallet - Scary Abient Spacial
Mallet - Scary De Miedo Nostalgic
Mallet - Ultra Lead Moist
Mallet - Xylo DARK Strings Orch
Mallet - Xylo Strings Orch
Mallet Ultra Lead #1
Mallet Vibrafono Viejo
Mallet- Synth Venus Jupiter

Pad Analog Dark ESP
Pad Ancient Organ Mellotron
Pad Choir Digital y Analogo
Pad Creccendo Analogico
Pad Dark Guitar
Pad Latin Soft Sine
Pad Mello Dark String Synth
Pad Mello String Synth
Pad Organ Nightmare Pesadilla

Piano Bellaco
Piano Del Caribe Sabroso
Piano Depresivo EMO
Piano Depresivo Seco
Piano EDM Dark Megarich
Piano EDM Dark
Piano EP Campanoso Soft Mellow
Piano Expresivo Spacial
Piano Expresivo Super Urbano
Piano Influencer
Piano Koto Telefonico
Piano La Caballota Cocoroca
Piano LoFi Tine EP Inmortal
Piano Lonely Electric Rhodes EP
Piano Mambero Dulce y Tierno
Piano Melancolico
Piano Papi Juancho
Piano String Influencer Spacial
Piano String Influencer
Piano Strings Dark
Piano Urbano Dark
Piano Vintage Dark Tron

Pluck 11 de la Noche
Pluck Americano
Pluck Ancient Vibe
Pluck Arpa Colombiana Simplex
Pluck Arpa Dulce Colombiana
Pluck Bass Reggaetonero
Pluck Chino
Pluck Classic Ecco
Pluck Dark Echoe
Pluck Dark Keys
Pluck Dark Night Ultra Space
Pluck Dark Night
Pluck De La Mata
Pluck Dramatico
Pluck Eterno del Siglo
Pluck Eterno Espacial del Siglo
Pluck Eterno Shorty Shorty
Pluck Famous Sounds
Pluck Fj Balvin
Pluck Melancholic
Pluck NY Grand P
Pluck Piano Deep Space 9
Pluck Piano Muted Softly
Pluck PianOrch
Pluck Pizz Chingone
Pluck Pizz Conchale Vale
Pluck Reggaetonero Deep Space 9
Pluck Reggaetonero
Pluck Santander
Pluck Sky Rompiendo Tierra
Pluck Standard Rich Sound
Pluck The Samsung Harp Sound
Pluck Tiny Deep
Pluck Urbano Dark
Pluck Vibe Espacial
Pluck Vintage Moma
Pluck Ya Pe Re-Cojudo Spacial
Pluck Ya Pe Weon
Plucked Synth Brass Juno

Reverse Instruments
Reverse - Bianus Cholo #1
Reverse - Celesta Creepy
Reverse - Pizz Synth
Reverse -DesRoh EP Piano
Reverse Arpa Pad de Santander
Reverse Darkass Bells
Reverse Guitar Les Paul Studio
Reverse Guitar String Amp
Reverse Piano Cressendo Pad
Reverse Piano EP Pad Beauty

SFX Special Effects
SFX Air Horns - Klaxons
SFX Efectos de Malianteo Light
SFX Impactos Fuertes Explosive
SFX Malianteo Solo Pa Mayores XXX
SFX Orch Hit
SFX Voice Female Aaaahhhhhh
SFX Voice Female Doohhhh
SFX Voice Male Ooohhhhhhh
SFX Voice Male Runs
SFX Vox Vintage EMU

Strings - Romanti Reggaetone
Strings Dark Drake
Strings Dark Power Force
Strings Dark Side of the Force
Strings Del Angel Caido
Strings Dramatic Urban Epic Space
Strings Dramatic Urban Secas
Strings Dramatic Urban
Strings Karol G Minaj
Strings Lo Fi
Strings Marcatto Tusa
Strings Spikato
Strings Spikatus Maxiums

Sub Bass
Bajo Electric Ibanez Mambero
Bass Synth Bizarap Complex
Bass Synth Bizarapero
Sub Bad Bunny
Sub Bass 808 Chocarrero
Sub Bass 808 Perron
Sub Bass ARP synth Standard
Sub Bass Chuleta De Chancho
Sub Bass Cocky
Sub Bass CS80 de la calle
Sub Bass Dist Closed B
Sub Bass Distorted CS
Sub Bass Electro Flowmax
Sub Bass Fat Moog
Sub Bass Fat Phat
Sub Bass Fat Sync
Sub Bass Maxiums Gordura
Sub Bass Octavado
Sub Bass POW WOW
Sub Bass POW
Sub Bass Rompiendo El Bajo
Sub Bass Sancocho
Sub Bass Tropical
Sub Bass Ultrasub Paulatino
Sub Huge Big Bass

Synth Chacras Chacalosas Bellaca
Synth Choir 21 Pilots Bad Bunny
Synth Choir da Miedo Pero BellaKo
Synth Choir Monents in Love
Synth Choir My Ghost
Synth Choir Voldemort
Synth EDM Anthem EDC Festival
Synth EDM Super Moog Poly Style
Synth LoFi Strings Jurassic
Synth Soft BellaKa 3 ocillators
Synth Sonar Choir
Synth Stabb EDM in Da Heart
Pad Ozzuna Mostiy
Pad Romantico Fantasma
Pad Stairway To Piper
Pad Vintage Flute Tron
Pad Vintage Strings Tron



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