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Kopelli Labs

Reggaeton DNA Samples

Reggaeton DNA Samples

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24 Bit Drum Samples

Kopelli Labs does it again

Kopelli Labs digs in to the DNA of the Reggaeton Genre Bringing you Reggaeton DNA Drum Samples and has captured and engineered this Genre to sonic perfection providing you with samples and mapped out drumkits as virtual sampler instruments for All versions of Native instruments Kontatk, Apple Logic Pro's EXS-24, IK Multimedia's SampleTank, Steinberg HaLion, Propellerhead Reason's NNXT, Soundfont format and ONE SHOT samples.

  • Format  WAV 24 bit Resolution
  • Recorded in Pro Tools for maximum audio quality.
  • Procesesed throught a NEVE 1081 Desk for crispness and body
  • All low end samples were Bussed through an OTARI MTR-15 Classic Tape Machine for analog Fatness and Richness.

Reggaeton DNA contains:

Mapped  Sampler Patches Instruments for:
Kontakt, HaLION, SampleTank, EXS-24, NNXT and Soundfont
GM compatible DRUM KIT
Clap Reggaeton DNA KIT
Kicks Reggaeton DNA KIT
HiHats Reggaeton DNA KIT
Percs Reggaeton DNA KIT
SFX Reggaeton DNA KIT
Snares Reggaeton DNA KIT
Toms Reggaeton DNA KIT

23 Claps
26 Hihats
39 Kicks
32 Percs
23 SFX
33 Snares
10 Toms
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