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Romantic Keys VST 2.8.4 for MAC OS

Romantic Keys VST 2.8.4 for MAC OS

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Romantic Keys VSTi from our RETRO Virtual Instrument Series

  • Superb collection of Retro Electric Piano and Synths from the Romantic Era of the 90s and 80s
  • Plugin for VST and Audio Units Version 2.8.4
  • Platform: MAC OS VST, VST3 and AU Formats

Available as instant download only

Disponible únicamente como descarga instantanéa


Virtual Instrument Plugin Module for AU (Audio Units) & VST for MAC

A Project Decades in the Making, Romantic Keys is a Dream Come true for all of those producers and composers who love the beautiful sounds of the Slow songs and Ballads of the 1980s and 1990s.

    •    Plugin Size : 5.53 GB
    •    Easy To use interface with Simple controls of LFO Depth & Rate, Reverb, Pan, ADSR.
    •    Collection of Synth Pads, Leads  Keyboards, FM Electric Pianos ,Guitars, Bass, Drumkits and Percussion.
    •    Content : 60 Multi velocity layered meticulously crafted instruments and 3 GM friendly Mapped Drum kits.
    •    Self contained VST or AU with no need for KONTAKT.

This Plugin will be instant inspiration for Musicians Producers and Composers with its beautiful sounds.
Every patch and Instrument emulation has been carefuly crafted edited and mapped to perfection with multi Layers of velocity.


    •    OS X 10.6 And Above
    •    5.53 GB Disk Space
    •    4 GB RAM

Compatible DAW Hosts for MAC VST
Cubase, Nuendo, Studio ONE, Ableton Live, Digital Performer, Maschine, MPC REN, Reaper. FL Studio.

Compatible DAW Hosts for MAC Audio Units AU
Apple LOGIC Pro, Mainstage, Logic Pro X, Apple Garage Band, Studio ONE, Ableton Live, FL Studio

For full Compatibility chart click here
Compatibility with Pro Tools
    •    Please note our plugins are currently NOT compatible with Protools 2020 on Mac Using macOS 10.15 Catalina or mac OS 11 Big Sur

Nuestros Plugins no funcionan en Pro-Tools a menos que usted tenga o  compre un programa o host de AAX. RTAS compatible como: Megaplugin de DDMF el cual recomendamos Altamente.
Tambien The Blue Cat Audio PatchWork plug-in, VIenna VEP5, Native Instruments Maschine y Chainer.
Para aprender mas oprima aqui.

Our Plugins will NOT work on Pro-Tools Unless you own or buy a AAX. RTAS compatible host application like:  METAPLUGIN from DDMF which we highly recomend.
Other VST host applications for Pro Tools include The Blue Cat Audio PatchWork plug-in, Vienna VEP5, Native Instruments Maschine and Chainer.  To Learn More click here

Instrument Presets:

PIANOS, E Pianos and Rhodes

EP 00 Famous Layer Stack XXL
EP BabyFace 90s Layer XXL
EP Brenes Romantic Ballad XXL
EP DX Nice 80s 90s
EP Dynamic Rhodes
EP Dyno Piano Romantico
EP Hybrid Rhodes Stack
EP Luismi Stack
EP MIDIed Christian Piano
EP Perfect Piano Pad Stack
EP Rhodes from 1970s
EP Tines Bellisimas
Piano Grand de Cola
Piano Pad Worship Layer


Bass Electrico Round
Bass Fingered Legato
Bass FM DX7 #1
Bass Guitar Active Fingered
Bass Guitar with Slap
Bass Jupiter 8 Legato
Bass Moog Ballad Synth
Bass Moog Ballad Dynamic
Bass Moog Bruno Mars
Bass Moog Classico
Bass Moog Sub n Smooth
Bass Quincy Jones


Bell Crystal de Vidrio
Bell FM DX Synth
Bell Pad Yang Chin
Bells Glockenspiel
Bells Ice de Hielo
Bells Vibraphone E


Ethnic Stack 1
Ethnic Stack 2
Ethnic Stack 3
SAX Tenor Romantic


Guitar Electro Acoustic
Guitar Hybrid Nylon
Guitar Sparkle Chorus (Clean)
Guitar Steel Rom Com
Guitarra de Santana (Overdrive)
Guitarra Nylon Romantica


Lead Mini Moog Synth
Lead Synth JUNO 106
Lead Synth R&B 1
Lead Synth Sine Wave
Organo B3 Suave
Pad Aire Libre Synth
Pad Warm & Soft Synth


String Pad Southern Style
String Pizzicato Pluck
String Synth Soft Sweep
Strings Ballad Ensemble
Strings Harpa Angelical
Strings Romantic Ensemble
Synth the Weeknd Saw Wave

Drum Kits

Drum Kit Acoustic Romance      (100% GM Compatible)
Drum Kit Electronic Romance    (100% GM Compatilble)
Drum Kit Old School Machines 

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