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Salsa Beats (Loops and Samples)

Salsa Beats (Loops and Samples)

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Salsa Beats Vol 1 Percussion Loops and Samples

Salsa Pesada Heavy Romantica clasica

Percussion Loops and Samples,
WAV, Rex2, Apple Loops,
Available as instant download only,
Disponible únicamente como descarga instantanéa,

Salsa Beats Produced By Marcio one of the most complete Salsa sample and loop producer packs available to producers.  Recorded individually using Universal Audio Pre-Amps with a cocktail of microphones including U87, Sm58, S421, C414 direct on to Pro-Tools HD.  Styles includes standard and romantic.


Salsa Beats

The perfect tool for Songwriters, producers, remixers looking to create great sounding salsa tracks or salsa flavored remixes.

A vast set of Salsa ensemble loops and single instrument loops that include timbal, congas, bongo and campanas and minor percs.

Carefully edited one shot samples include: Congas, Bongos, Campana, Timbales, Guiro, Maracas and more.
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over 800 pristine quality samples and loops

  • Perc Loops 90bpm to 190bpm REX
  • Perc Loops 90bpm to 190bpm ACID WAV
  • Perc Loops 90bpm to 190bpm APPLE LOOPS
  • Single inst loops 90bpm to 190bpm REX
  • Single inst loops 90bpm to 190bpm ACID WAV
  • Single inst loops 90bpm to 190bpm APPLE LOOPS
  • Bongo
  • Campanas
  • Congas y Tumbadoras
  • Percussive sounds
  • Timbales
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