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Tribal Monterrey - DJ Tools Vol 3

Tribal Monterrey - DJ Tools Vol 3

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24 Bit Percussion Loops Samples and Instruments
NNXT- Kontak - EXS24-  SoundFont.

Available as instant download only
Disponible únicamente como descarga instantanéa

Tribal (Loops & Samples) DJ Tools Volume 3

Kopelly Labs presents DJ Tools Vol 3 Cumbia TRIBAL loops and Samples, a perfect library created by DJ Beto and Producer Alejandro Salgado from Monterrey Mexico, Product Available only at Producers Vault.
Format  WAV 24 bit Resolution.

The loops and Samples were recorded in FL STUDIO 12 for maximum audio quality for this musical genre.
Mastered in Cubase 8 Procesesed through UADs MANLEY massive passive for crispness and body
Sub Bass Bussed through an OTARI MTR-15 Classic Tape Machine to give it that dance floor shaking analog Fatness.

Kopelli labs has finaly Captured this popular Cumbia tribal EDM Genre from the people who invented it with a sound quality only Kopelli Labs knows best.

The Loops
Included Drums Percussion with some synth and bass loops.
94 Rex2 Loops 130 BPM
94 Apple Loops 130 BPM
95 WAV Loops 130 BPM

The Samples
This amazing producer pack contains 109 pristine one shot samples and one TRIBAL  Drum Kit Mapped and formated for the following Software samplers:  Kontakt, EXS 24, Sample Tank and Soundfont which can be loaded in to a wide amount of software samplers and workstations.

Esta Cancion fue hecha utilizando este Producto de TRIBAL solamente usando FL STUDIO:

Detailed contents:

Sample List

Balazo Poblano.wav
Campana Kamba.wav
Campana Medardo.wav
Cargando Pistola Poblana.wav
Cascara LP tribalera.wav
Cencerro el Tenis.wav
Cencerro LP 70s.wav
Cencerro Tapon.wav
Clap de Monterrey.wav
Clap del FL Studio.wav
Clap Intentalo.wav
Clap Me prende.wav
Clap Rico Suave.wav
Clap salvaje.wav
Clap Sangano.wav
Clap Tribalero.wav
Conga De reversa.wav
Conga DJ MICO.wav
Conga DJ Pussy.wav
Conga DJ VAG.wav
Conga DJ VULVA.wav
Conga how can she slap.wav
Conga Khonga.wav
Conga Low.wav
conga Purrunga.wav
Conga Reversa de soco.wav
Conga reverse.wav
Conga Slap.wav
Conta Cantoral.wav
Crash 909.wav
Crash con Delay.wav
Crash crash.wav
Crash de Reversa.wav
Crash Dobson.wav
CRASH sabronson.wav
Crazy Snap.wav
Cymbal Crash 02.wav
Cymbal crash.wav
FX Chica Fresa.wav
FX De REversa MAMI.wav
FX Drone.wav
FX Explosion calunga.wav
FX Grito Medardo.wav
FX Intro Riser cambio.wav
FX Inverster.wav
FX La musica Tribal.wav
FX La musica.wav
FX Palma.wav
FX Pason.wav
FX Perez Prado Grito.wav
FX Reversa Chilindria.wav
FX reversa intentalo.wav
FX Reversa Pitbul.wav
FX Riser.wav
FX Sintoniza.wav
FX Sirena Jocoque.wav
FX Vos paisa.wav
FX vox Habana Loca Mi.wav
Golpe en el Pene.wav
Guiro chalupa.wav
Guiro Monterrey.wav
Habana Loca Mi.wav
Hihat Tribalero.wav
Kick Charbasca.wav
Kick de Hill Barbera.wav
Kick de la polla.wav
Kick Hipermega.wav
Kick Intentalo.wav
Kick largo Reverb.wav
Kick Largo.wav
Kick Panochudo.wav
Kick Polorga.wav
Kick Tetriis.wav
Kick Tribalero.wav
Redoble Intentalo.wav
Redoble Timbal.wav
Redoble Tribalero.wav
Saxo Beat 3.wav
Saxo Beat.wav
SHAKER 01.wav
shaker nana calixta.wav
Shaker ruzo.wav
Shaker Salt and Peper.wav
Shaker ugra.wav
Sirena de Capulina.wav
Sirena de los 60s.wav
Snare Basic.wav
Snare Gordo.wav
Snare Marrano.wav
Snare Rico.wav
Snare short calunga.wav
Synth 3ballero.wav
Synth BEEP.wav
Synth Choir Plebilla.wav
Synth Stabb roland.wav
Synth Tribalero.wav
Timball Triballero.wav
TOM bumbanchero.wav
TOM Simons.wav
Tom Tom.wav
Trompeta Bandida.wav
Voz del pato.wav
Loops List

3Ball LV america sierra.wav
3Ball LV BASS.wav
3Ball LV beto.wav
3Ball LV boycot.wav
3Ball LV clappi.wav
3Ball LV courtstenographer.wav
3Ball LV descobije.wav
3Ball LV Do it.wav
3Ball LV feel it.wav
3Ball LV FILL 01.wav
3Ball LV FILL 02.wav
3Ball LV FILL 03.wav
3Ball LV FILL 04.wav
3Ball LV FILL.wav
3Ball LV full chachara.wav
3Ball LV full no HH.wav
3Ball LV full on baby.wav
3Ball LV intro crash.wav
3Ball LV Kick Bumshak.wav
3Ball LV kick claps only.wav
3Ball LV kick.wav
3Ball LV la musica tribal.wav
3Ball LV Percs ONLY.wav
3Ball LV percussion rica.wav
3Ball LV Shaker Trivl.wav
Bata Build  FIll 01.wav
Bata Build 01.wav
Bata Build 02.wav
Bata Build 03.wav
Bata Build 04.wav
Bata Build 05.wav
Bata Build 06.wav
Bata Build Fill 02.wav
Bata Build Fill 04.wav
Bata Full BLown arrachero FILLARECHISIMO.wav
Bata Full Blown Fill 01.wav
Bata Full Blown.wav
Bata Tribal.wav
Batatero Fill.wav
Carne 00.wav
Carne 01.wav
Carne 02.wav
Carne Fill 00.wav
Carne Fill 01.wav
Clap Loop.wav
Congas Loop.wav
Costa Azul 00.wav
Costa Azul 01.wav
Costa azul 02.wav
Costa Azul FIll 01.wav
Fancy Shaker Loop 01.wav
Fancy Shaker Loop 02.wav
Fancy Shaker Loop 03.wav
Fill 00.wav
Full Blown 3Ball Batatero.wav
Full Blown 3Ball.wav
Full Blown Arrachero.wav
Full Blown Arrechero Fill 00.wav
Hi Hat Loop.wav
Kick Loop.wav
Redoble Bandido Fill 00.wav
Redoble Bandido.wav
Rumba Gostosa.wav
Sub Bass Loop Amin.wav
Sub Bass Loop Bmaj.wav
Sub Bass Loop Cmaj.wav
Sub Bass Loop Dmaj.wav
Sub Bass Loop Emaj.wav
Sub Bass Loop Fmaj.wav
Sub Bass Loop Gmaj.wav
Synth 3ball 8 bars.wav
Synth better of alone 8 bars.wav
SYNTH LOOP better of alone.wav
Synth Tribal 8 Bars.wav
Tasti Bata.wav
Tasti iya Oconcolo.wav
Tasti tops.wav
Tribal  Acustico Fill 02.wav
Tribal Acustico fill 01.wav
Tribal Acustico.wav
Tribal Electro Acustico 00.wav
Tribal Electro Acustico.wav
Tribal Sinaloense 00.wav
Tribal Sinaloense 01.wav
Tribal Sinaloense Redoble Cerote.wav
Tribal Sinaloense.wav
villero 00.wav
villero 01.wav
villero 02.wav
villero 03.wav
villero 04.wav
Villero fill 00.wav
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