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Trompeta Latina VSTi (Mac OS VST and AU Plugin)

Trompeta Latina VSTi (Mac OS VST and AU Plugin)

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Trompeta Latina VSTi 1.1

Virtual Sound Module
Plugin for VST and Audio Units
Version 1.1
Platform: MAC OS

Available as instant download only
Disponible únicamente como descarga instantanéa

for MAC OS

Product Features

  • VST Plugin easy to use, autonomous no need for KONTAKT
  • Excellent library with multiple articulations at the request of our clientele.
  • Simple controls of LFO Depth & Rate, strutting, Reverb, Pan, ADSR Envelope: Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release.
  • Popular articulations in Latin music include: Pompous Sustain, Vibrato, Mariachi Vibrato, Banda Vibrato, Staccato, Crescendo Swell, Doit, Shake, Trills.
Trompeta Latina VSTi is a beautiful sounding customer requested VST plugin that includes different Latin styles of playing as well as multiple articulations and velocity layers.
All these trumpets were recorded, sampled and edited in our state of the art facilities in Las Vegas, Nevada United States of America.
Recording Process: Universal Audio Preamps LA610 and NEVE 1073, Steinberg Nuendo at 384 kHz audio resolution.
Editing and Postproduction: Steinberg Nuendo
Microphones used:  Royer R-121 ribbon mic, Neumann U87, Shure SM57, Sennheiser MD421-II.
Presets Included:
  1. Trompeta Latina VSTi
  2. Trompeta Boricua Multi
  3. Trompeta Caida (falls)
  4. Trompeta Colombiana Multi
  5. Trompeta Crescendo
  6. Trompeta Cubana Sordina
  7. Trompeta Mexicana Multi
  8. Trompeta Ranchera Multi
  9. Trompeta Shake n Fall
  10. Trompeta Sustain Colombiana
  11. Trompeta Vibrada Mariachi
  12. Flugelhorn De Ponce Multi
Presets in close detail
Trompeta Latina VSTi :
Standard Latin Trumpet with various velocity layers.
Trompeta Boricua Multi:
A beautiful Puertorican Style inspired Trumpet perfectly fitted for Caribbean flavored music like Timba, Salsa, Merengue and boleros with various velocity layers and Keyswitches with multiple articulations including: Sustain Crescendo Falls, Swells, Shakes, Efx, Valve Flutters.
Trompeta Caida
Multi Keyswitch Standard falls articulation preset
Trompeta Colombiana Multi:
Colombian Tropical inspired trumpet sound as you would hear in classic Cumbia and Salsa music. Keyswitches multiple articulations including: sustain, long sustain, Crescendo, Falls, shake and falls.
Trompeta Crescendo:

Multi Keyswitch Crescendo Swells
Trompeta Cubana Sordina:
Soft Muted Cuban Style Trumpet as heard in boleros and classic Cuban tracks.
Trompeta Mexicana Multi:

Mexican inspired trumpet with Keyswitches multiple articulations including multiple velocity layers, Sustain, crescendo falls, mariachi and banda Vibrato.
Trompeta Ranchera Multi:
Classic Mariachi inspired trumpet with various velocity layers and Keyswitches with multiple articulations including: Sustain, crescendo, falls & vibrato.
Trompeta Shake n Fall
Very well defined trumpet special effects of shake and Falls
Trompeta Sustain Colombiana
This is a simple version of the Colombian style trumpet with various velocity layers.
Trompeta Vibrada Mariachi
Classic Mariachi style vibrato played the way it should be played.
Flugelhorn De Ponce
Inspired by the amazing Flugelhorn sounds of Papo Luca in Sonora Ponceña music, includes two key switches.

Product DEMO

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This Version is for Mac Only if you use Windows click here

Available as instant download only
Disponible únicamente como descarga instantanéa

System Requirements
  • OS X 10.6 And Above
  • 1.52 GB Disk Space
  • 2 GB Ram
Compatible DAW Hosts for MAC VST
Cubase, Nuendo, Studio ONE, Ableton Live, Digital Performer, Maschine, MPC REN, Reaper.

Compatible DAW Hosts for MAC Audio Units AU
Apple LOGIC Pro, Logic Pro X, Apple Garage Band, Studio ONE, Ableton Live.

Compatibility with Pro Tools
Nuestros Plugins no funcionan en Pro-Tools a menos que usted tenga o  compre un programa o host de AAX. RTAS compatible como: Megaplugin de DDMF el cual recomendamos Altamente.
Tambien The Blue Cat Audio PatchWork plug-in, VIenna VEP5, Native Instruments Maschine y Chainer.
Para aprender mas oprima aqui.

Our Plugins will NOT work on Pro-Tools Unless you own or buy a AAX. RTAS compatible host application like:  METAPLUGIN from DDMF which we highly recomend.
Other VST host applications for Pro Tools include The Blue Cat Audio PatchWork plug-in, Vienna VEP5, Native Instruments Maschine and Chainer.  To Learn More click here


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